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Go Here to schedule yours. my core, I'm fanatical about the unique potential and power of every human life. It's part of how I'm wired, and it's a big reason for why I do what I do. The best of today's research and my own experiences have convinced me that "digging deep"--gaining deeper insight into how we're made, how we see the world, and how we impact those around us--is the key to unlocking our biggest wins in life. When we apply action to our insight, we experience transformation. And our transformation--big or small--benefits everyone around us. In fact, I believe it's no stretch at all to say that the whole world benefits from the ripple effect of one person's growth. And that pumps me up. 

I spent 14 years in management and leadership roles before becoming a coach. Today, as a PCC-credentialed coach (if you care about credentials...), I focus my professional energy on helping others dig deep to win big in life. I focus my personal energy on my wonderful wife, two wild boys, and a lifelong journey of digging deep to make more of me available for all of you--my big win. 

Hey! I'm Andrew, and...


We're ALL going to die; it's just a matter of when and how.  But what if our Mortality is the most powerful source of motivation in life? And by failing to confront it, we're doing ourselves more harm than good? 


On Andrew Petty is Dying, you’ll get insights that cut through the clutter and interviews with fascinating people to help you live your best life now and escape deathbed regrets.

You ARE going to die, but you're not dead yet! Are you living the life you were made to live??

TGG Mastermind - The Graveyard group

TGG stands for The Graveyard Group. And lest you're inclined to think that I'm all about death (see podcast title on the left!), let me assure that I'm a fan of Death only inasmuch as it motivates us to find and fulfill our unique purpose in life. 

And motivate it does

In TGG, you get my guidance as your coach and work alongside 5 other guys (ladies' groups to form soon--don't worry, led by a woman!) on a weekly basis to build your best life. With Mortality prodding you and your brothers in the trenches with you, you take care of life's most important work. 

1-1 coaching

Powerful, confidential coaching is a dynamic partnership that puts it all together--leveraging assessment insights, knowledge / skill growth, your natural strengths, and your Story to create the life you've always wanted. It's like adding a turbocharger to your already-strong engine--accelerating progress toward points on your horizon that call out to you and represent your Unique Purpose in the world. This is the fastest way to get where you want to go. 

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If you put in the work, you will

change your life. . 

What Clients Says

What Clients Says...


Bre Wolta | Director of Business Development, NorthStar Transitions

My coaching experience with Andrew was a beautiful, eye-opening journey, and one of the most valuable 6 months of my life. It was also f***ing hard. Andrew has the raw ability to hold space, identify what you say (or don’t say), reflect back intentions, and challenge patterns. He walked next to me while I dislodged my habits, discovered my innate talents, and shook my old narrative. He provided the environment for me to hold myself accountable, and learn the value of real action. It was a messy internal process for me at times, and while he never did the work for me (despite my best efforts), he continually showed up as my biggest cheerleader. He fostered the confidence that you can only feel when you truly understand your whole self, accept and harness that self, and bring it forth into the world unapologetically. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to run alongside Andrew during this leg of my journey, and for all of the bits of humor and wisdom he bestowed upon me. Seeing the results of real change in my life has been like a high five from the world, and that is an outcome from our coaching that will forever be impactful.

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